Product Range


Our calibration hoses are manufactured in high performance PVC coated reinforced high tenacity polyester fabric of varying weights and colours dependent on size and application. The grams per meter2 range from 400gsm to 900gsm and they are available in a wide range of diameters to suit the customers application. We produce open-ended and closed-ended hoses and liners. The hot-cure hoses which are used up to temperatures of 70 – 80°C are high-frequency welded, stitched and then welded again along each joint. Our unique method of production of these hot-cure hoses gives the maximum joint strength and ensures the stitching affords the greatest possible level of protection against softening of the PVC as the temperature rises.

Heavy Duty Calibration Hose

Medium Duty Calibration Hose

Light Duty Calibration Hose


We also produce a variety of No-Dig pre-liners. These provide protection against toxic resins leaching into the ground through the damaged pipes during the ‘cured-in-place’ process. Pre-liners can be high-frequency welded or stitched, or both where necessary. We have a particularly popular economy range of stitched pre-liners produced in a variety of polyethylene based fabrics.


If you have specific development requirements for new processes/materials please do contact us. We have experience in undertaking development work with many of our clients and will work with your specifications using our technical capabilities to develop the correct product with supporting technical data. Samples can be provided for on-site testing.