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Calibration hoses and other pvc Safari Tent Bespoke Marquees Bond Fabrications

Calibration hoses and other pvc Bond Fabrications Marquee Suppliers Bond Fabrications

Calibration hoses and other pvc

Bond Fabrications has been supplying calibration hoses and pre-liners to the no-dig industry for 20 years, serving the UK, European and Far Eastern markets. Please call us to discuss your requirements, we are frequently asked to manufacture calibration hose and liners to custom specifications.

Calibration Hoses

Our inversion hoses are manufactured in three grades of PVC coated reinforced polyester fabric dependent on size and application. The fabric used is 420, 600 or 900 grams per m². Sizes range from 100mm diameter up to 1500 mm diameter. Calibration hoses can either be made to measure for a particular project or produced in standard diameters and lengths up to 500m for stock hoses.

Our ambient-cure hoses are usually ‘weld-only’, both down the longitudinal joint and round any traverse joints. The hot-cure hoses which are used up to a temperature of 70º-80ºC are both welded and stitched along each joint. Our unique method of production of these hot-cure hoses gives the maximum joint strength and ensures the stitching affords the greatest possible level of protection against softening of the PVC as the temperature rises.

In addition to these standard calibration hoses we also manufacture a number of hoses and no-dig hose accessories in a range of different materials including polyurethane and translucent fabrics.

If you have specific development requirements for new processes/materials please do contact us as we have experience in undertaking development work in this area


In addition to our range of inversion hoses we produce a variety of pre-liners. These provide protection against toxic resins leaching into the ground through the damaged pipes during the ‘cured-in-place’ process. Pre-liners can be welded or stitched. We have a particularly popular economy range of stitched pre-liners produced in a variety of polyethylene based fabrics.