Longridge Activity Centre, River Thames Marlow, Tented Village

Longridge LogoLongridge is a 12-acre outdoor activity centre on the bank of the River Thames. 

The centre has been in operation for nearly 100 years and whilst it is blessed with beautiful river-side pastures, the old buildings were not fit for purpose. 

They first contacted us back in 2022 and we supplied them with a bespoke designed 6m x 12m olive green structure in a safari style to provide ‘bunkhouse’ accommodation for their groups. We chatted with Amanda Foister, OBE, about their experience …

We built our first tented village in 2022 and it was hugely popular.  Young and old loved our posh camping experience.  Proper beds, solid floors but canvas walls and ceilings.  It was so popular that with Bond’s help we have built a second tented village for 2023.’

So impressed have our team and visitors been with the power of canvas over brick, that we are planning to replace all old buildings with canvas alternatives to provide dining and training space as well as space to sleep in.  Giving our visitors the chance to really enjoy the outdoors, to understand why it is so important to care for our environment but still be protected from the worst of our weather.’

It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Longridge and we look forward to working closely again in the future. We take pride in building our client relationships, to be available for maintenance of existing structures and to help develop locations further. Many of our clients are looking for a custom approach with features and requirements very specific to their locations and end use of the structure.

‘Bond Fabrications have been a great partner.  They understood what we needed and were able to create a solution that is beautiful, practical, and affordable.  They gave clear instructions on the bases needed and worked hard to ensure that the tented structures were in place in plenty of time for our first visitors.’
Amanda Foister OBE. Longridge Activity Centre.

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