Tent Positions … what to consider?

Many of our clients ask us for advice on how to site their tents.

Whether for glamping accommodation or wider exclusive outdoor hospitality settings, there are a few things to consider … but generally speaking in a rural setting its usually all about the view!

Make the view a focal point but consider sunrise and sunsets. For glamping tents your guests will likely want make the most of the view in the later part of the day and evening so basking in the sun (when we get it!) is going to win every time. However … privacy is a bigger consideration that just the view. In a luxury glamping setting its so important for guests to feel that level of exclusivity both inside and out of the tent. Positioning the tents in a way that gives views but also allows privacy in key … and always space tents out so each one feels individual rather than part of a line-up!

For Exclusive hospitality venues consider the guests overall experience and those all-important photo opportunities too. Of course guests will want to enjoy views from within the tent and also on a covered deck area if you have one, but particularly for wedding guests it is wise to consider the opportunities for photos that may include the safari tent too.

If your views are to be enjoyed from within the tent then we can manufacture the canvas walls with the largest full panoramic window possible. Better still, in good weather you can fully roll-up any wall so that guests will feel fully immersed in the surrounding views. Just ask us, most of our work is bespoke and we manufacture all of our structures to order so customisation is never a problem … in fact it’s what we do best!

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