Planning Advice & Support

The Rural Planning CoOur client relationships are most important to us here at Bond, and consistent support throughout the project from planning through to installation is our priority.

Technical drawings, CAD support for all safari tents and bespoke marquee designs. Visual schematics are always available to support the planning process along with our structural engineers reports, and we are now pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Rural Planning Co who are one of the very best teams of rural planning consultants in the UK.

Glamping Site Planning Advice & Support

In partnership with The Rural Planning Co, Bond will now be able to fully support the process of obtaining the correct permissions for your project from the beginning of an idea through to launch. From their free, no obligation consultation through to a process of research, recommendations and full support with your local planning authority application, The Rural Planning Co will provide a professional, highly experiences and honest service. See their information at the bottom of this page for you to download.

It is also worth noting that all of our safari tents and bespoke structures are made here in the UK and meet the requirements of both British and European permanent structure codes … we have full structural engineers reports for all our safari tents and for complex, custom projects we can engage our team of engineers to oversee more bespoke designs. No elements of our tents are imported and we oversee the complete project from design to installation and most importantly ongoing support and maintenance.

Glamping Site Planning Advice & Support

The Process with The Rural Planning Co

The Rural Planning Co are really one of the best out there and will take you through the process, one step at a time. It's easy to get started...

Step 1: Book now for a FREE no obligation telephone consultation with one of their experience planning consultants Telephone 01299 667344 or take a look here

Step 2: After your consultation your planner will recommend one of the following options …

  1. Your proposal sounds acceptable and should be achievable
  2. Further research is required to assess more details
  3. Your Local Planning Authority will need to be consulted for their view
  4. It is not recommended you proceed, planning consent would not be achievable


Glamping Site Planning Advice & Support
Glamping Site Planning Advice & Support

What Next?

If your project is straightforward and it is recommended you make a planning application, you will be provided with clear and written timescales, costs and what you can expect of the process. If its recommended that your project sadly wouldn't get planning, then your planning consultant will suggest alternatives. If not then they will be honest and upfront with you, The Rural Planning Co do not advise clients proceed unless they stand a realistic prospect of succeeding. If however your project is possible, but needs further research, they have a fixed fee structure which means you can move to the next step without incurring high costs or commitment. The Rural Planning Co work as a team, and you will have a project manager who will be your principle point of contact, but also working on your project will be a planning assistant and a planning coordinator.

How Much?

What’s important to us at Bond when we recommend the services of a third party is honestly and transparency, The Rural Planning Co are big believers in a clear transparent fee structure so you know where you are at all times, they don't believe in sending out invoices people aren't expecting. The vast majority of their planning work is fixed fee based so they will provide written terms of engagement up front where you will have plenty of opportunity to ensure you are happy with the fees proposed. You can download their Site Appraisal Fees at the bottom of this page.

Statement from Rural Planning Co

Hannah Moule: Partner at The Rural Planning Co‘We feel passionately that getting planning permission needn’t be complicated or prohibitive. We have grown our planning practice over recent years with a team of experienced experts who have many years providing technical advice and support, to new and growing rural business’s. We believe that to maintain the beautiful British landscapes we have, it is vital that people have the opportunity to live and work in the countryside. We love playing a part in helping individuals and businesses overcome the planning hurdles and achieving their goals, in a positive, quality way.

We want to deliver a 'wow' technical and customer service every time, in an accessible, staged and transparent structure that all clients feel happy with from the outset.’

Hannah Moule
Partner at The Rural Planning Co

Glamping Site Planning Advice & Support

At Bond we understand that using professional assistance can be a lot of money, but we are confident that embarking on this journey requires the backing of professionals who will support your project and get it off the ground. When you pay professional fees it is not just the technical work produced but also:

  • The benefits of a cumulative 50 years technical planning expertise
  • The strategy and tactics to set your proposal on the right path from the start
  • The knowledge that will save you money (eg the right, and most cost effective surveys)
  • Excellent professional relationships with Local Planning Authorities and Planning Officers
  • The tenacity to deliver and stick with a fight if necessary

Bond want to make it clear that there is no financial tie between ourselves and The Rural Planning Co … we just want our clients to have the very best advice and support.


The Rural Planning Co have provided us with several documents to download here to help you begin the journey …

DIY planning check for Potential Glamping sites

Planning for Glamping FAQs

Site Appraisal Fees

For all other uses such as farm shops, shooting lodges and event venues...

do give their helpful team a call on 01299 667344