Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you will have a good number of questions about our safari tents and our larger bespoke structures.

We will try to answer some of the more common questions below but please do pick up the phone and call us for a chat…….

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bond manufacture the Safari Tents?

YES ... we do not import any structures and the full design & manufacturing process is all done at our factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire. In fact, Bond has been supplying the outdoor hospitality industry with unique tents and permanent tented structures for over 30 years. We are proud to be a true British manufacturer and family owned too. We source all our materials here in the UK and locally where possible.

What sort of frames are used for Safari Tents?

This largely depends on the structure. All our Safari Tents are built using robust galvanised steel box-section frames. For the bespoke much larger safari style structures up to around 9m wide and lengths of up to 30m or more, we would use a profile aluminium frame specially designed to offer the styling of the smaller safari tents. Of course, we offer other types of more traditional bespoke tents using our tubular aluminium frames. We will always talk you through the various options available and advice on the most suitable frame for the structure required. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacture we are very well placed to help our clients chose the right sort of structure for the end use required.

What fabrics are used for Safari Tents?

Our roofs are made using a commercial grade textured PVC at a weight of 650gsm. Typically, in an olive green but available in other colours, this is a premium heavy-duty PVC (polyester coated woven fabric) and is fully waterproof with a fungicide coating making it the perfect choice for many years of performance in the UK climate. We also have a similar product with a higher UV rating that we use for structures to be sited in hotter climates.

The walls of our safari tents, and often the bespoke structures, are made using a blended polyester cotton woven canvas. This is commercial grade and is 407gsm weight. This is a fabric designed for the UK climate and not only is it waterproof it is also treated to be rot & mildew resistant also. Typically, many clients chose the ‘sand’ or ‘olive’ green colour but there are other shades available.

For the windows we use a heavier weight material than most and so creasing is not a problem, instead the views out of the windows are comparable with glass. 

Do the Safari Tents require planning permission?

Yes they do, and we always recommend that you speak with your local planning office since the planning laws vary a great deal from one authority to the next. There are also licences and Public Health issues you will need to be aware of for glamping. However, all will become clear once you have made initial enquiries with your local planning office, or indeed met with a planning consultant. We are here to support the process and can provide you with a variety of full CAD details, interior plans, images and fabric samples to support your application.

What sort of base do the Safari Tents require?

The tents are installed onto a wooden deck. This will need to be exterior grade pressure treated timber decking. We have a skilled team of carpenters who build the decks for most of our clients so we are happy to put you in touch. Some clients wish to build their own deck so we will supply you with decking plans dependant on the size of tent you are installing. The important thing to consider is that the box-section steel frame is anchored onto the top face of the deck. Of course we are always on hand to advise and support.

What is the expected life of the Safari Tents?

It is a general expectation that if the tents are well cared for they should last in excess of 10 years, in fact some of our earliest tents are still in use, look great and are now 11 years old! The frames of the Safari Tents are galvanized steel and so will last many, many years indeed. With normal use and care the roof and walls should easily last 10 years or more. Of course, accidents do happen and so it is likely you will replace the occasional wall throughout the life of the tents or perhaps have the odd zip or window repaired. This is the benefit of working with us as we do not import any element but manufacture all our structures here at our UK factory and are quick to respond when a client needs our help with a repair. The environment will also play a part in how long the covers will last and how well the tents are prepared for the winters.

Can the Safari Tents be used year round?

Yes— our structures are designed and manufactured with materials designed for year-round outdoor use and are intended to be in place year round. We have worked with Structural Engineers for many years now and all the safari tents have been designed and engineered as permanent and temporary demountable structures.  Full Structural Engineers Reports are available for each structure ... just ask us.

Do you install the Safari Tents?

Yes we do, and we also can offer a supported installation service dependant on your needs. For instance, some clients already have suitable staff resources on site and so we assist with the first tent while advising on the correct way to install so that the site team can then continue with the remaining installation. Other customers may need a little more support so we tailor a package to suit.

What happens if our Safari Tent needs a repair?

Call us! We recognise how important it is to keep your tents in perfect condition for your guests. Whether this is glamping accommodation or a hospitality venue, as soon as you have a problem we will endeavour to get your tent repaired as quickly as we can—often, for instance, sending a spare wall for you to use while we get yours repaired.

Can we make changes to the Safari Tent design ?

Yes of course. In fact, we make all of our structures to order at our Gloucestershire factory, so customisation is what keeps things interesting! Many of our larger bespoke tents are brand new designs and so we work closely with each client allowing the maximum opportunity for our clients to tailor the structure to their exact requirements. The nature of the frames may mean there are some limitations but do ask us and we will try to accommodate. We can also offer several different colours of the canvas and PVC and various window styles.

What about furnishing the Glamping Tents?

At Bond we do not offer ‘furniture packages’ since it’s fair to say that our glamping clients are really aiming at the higher end of the market, and so with that in mind it is most important to create a unique look and image which will become your own brand. Styling the interiors to reflect that is hugely important ... you do not want your location to look like any other, so taking the time to create a distinct image will pay off. We do have an interior designer on the team at Bond and so we can of course spend hours chatting with you about the various interior arrangements and offer lots of advice and suggestions to a variety of solutions.

Do the Safari Tents require annual maintenance?

Throughout the year we recommend regular checks such as anchor points, straps, zips etc., and we will provide you with a ‘Care & Maintenance’ document to advise. What we don’t do is insist you sign up to a yearly maintenance package. It may be that several years pass before you need any input from us, but we will respond with urgency and ensure that any small repair is taken care of quickly. Luckily, all of our manufacturing is done here in the UK and we have a wide range of spares. Just pick up the phone and we will help.

How do we order a Safari Tent?

Whether you are buying safari tents for a glamping location or a bespoke tent for a unique hospitality venue, we will first agree the design and overall finish. Once you are ready to place an order we will then require a 50% deposit to secure the order and your quoted lead time. Lead times can change somewhat throughout the year dependant on demand so do keep in touch with us.

Any further questions ?

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