Bond Fabrications Brochure

Ou t doo r Ho s p i t a l i t y The outdoor hospitality industry has always been a creative space where providers need to source exciting solutions to support their profile and brand image. Our Safari Tents and bespoke canvas structures offer unique and interesting spaces for a multitude of outdoor settings. The country pursuits sector has a long standing history of providing exclusive hospitality experiences and our safari tents offer the perfect blend of ambience and distinctive style for field sport locations. For cafés or exclusive dining spaces, farm shops, yoga studios, shared social spaces and more; permanent use safari tents offer affordable versatility and charm in almost any environment. Offered initially as an open space, we can then work with our clients to support their desired interior layout and features required with our team of skilled carpenters, providing CAD visuals and schematics where necessary. Our projects start with our clients own creative ideas … we base our services around a client—led design process and put the overall brief and needs of our clients at the fore of each project. e : e nq u i r i e s@bon d f a b r i c a t i on s . c o . u k t : 0 1 4 5 3 76 7 1 7 1