Bond Fabrications Brochure

Safari Tents for the popular glamping market and high luxury accommodation. We have a range of popular sizes but we often work with clients to develop a size and interior layout based on their intended market and the overall experience they wish to offer their guests. Our permanent Safari Tents lend themselves to a wide range of settings. From farm shops or cafes through to exclusive event and entertainment spaces, we can design the perfect structure of almost any size. Unique shared social spaces, or hospitality venues such as a shooting lodge or more flexible outdoor hospitality. Our larger, unique-framed clearspan canvas structures are more commercial in nature and suited to many uses. From exclusive event and wedding venues through to huge unique festival spaces and more. These structures allow event organisers or wedding venues to offer a style beyond the standard marquee offering and create a more sophisticated ambiance. Individual branding and unique custom styling is part of our service.