Bond Fabrications Brochure

At BOND we have a practical and innovative approach to meeting our clients needs along with a strong focus on providing technical solutions. Our in-house design & manufacturing capabilities mean we control everything from the ground up to ensure each structure meets not only the clients brief but also the structural requirements for intended use and specific location. Working closely with our clients we create distinctive structures offering their location or venue that all important exclusive image and brand identity to stand out from the crowd. We have the unique benefit of having several frame types to choose from and we manage the production from start to finish. All of our covers are sewn by our team with careful attention to every detail and many options for customisation. Abou t B on d All our structures are manufactured in-house at our Gloucestershire factory … no imports means that a full bespoke design service is readily available. We work with UK structural engineers to ensure our clients have complete confidence in the longevity of our tents and their performance in the very wildest of weathers. A personal approach from our skilled team at our Gloucestershire factory to guarantee ongoing support and maintenance. Full CAD design and support available to allow for client-led design and site specific customisation. High-performance, fire-retardant fabrics of the highest quality & weight sourced for technical properties and longevity. Structural grade, hidden box-section steel frames for unrivalled wind-loading, or our aluminium profile for larger structures. e : e nq u i r i e s@bon d f a b r i c a t i on s . c o . u k t : 0 1 4 5 3 76 7 1 7 1