Bond Fabrications Brochure

Te c hn i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i on s Textured PVC Roof Fully waterproof, premium quality heavy-duty 650gsm olive green matt textured PVC (polyester coated fabric) Fungicide coating. Fire Retardant BS 7837—PASS. Tensile strength (warp/weft) N/5cm 2300/2200 DIN53354 Tear resistance (warp/weft) 230/210 N DIN53363 Canvas Walls ‘Regentex’ 540gsm blended polyester cotton canvas, rot & mildew resistant and non light permeable. Full water resistance – PASS BS 3408, and Flame Retardant—PASS BS 7837 (BS 5438 2A + 2B) Tensile Strength (warp/weft) : BS EN ISO 13934-1 (1700N/1650N) Tear Resist (warp/weft) : BS EN ISO 13937-3 (70N/45N) Galvanised Steel Frames Heavy duty box-section galvanised steel which is hidden from view behind the canvas. Rated permanent for wind loading - full reports available. Premium frames as standard throughout the range providing unrivalled structural performance. Secured to a wooden deck using a variety of anchor-points including the steel footplates of the frame legs. Aluminium Profile Frames Specialist designed heavy-duty profile frames suitable for permanent or temporary hospitality venues. Span sizes 3m, 6m, 9m & 12m - bespoke widths available. Modular 3m bay sections in length allowing flexibility of size and use, with adjustable gable legs. Highly customisable allowing clients to create a unique space. Wind loading reports available.