Bond Fabrications Brochure

The Bond production process relies on technology, automation and also the experience and skill of our dedicated team. All materials are inspected throughout the process to maintain the quality we are renowned for. Our team work collaboratively throughout the design and manufacture process, meeting design requirements and improving the process continuously. When the time arrives for installation we have everything covered and always involve our clients every step of the way. Our team can take care of the complete installation or we also offer the option for us to lead your own team. For larger projects and complex structures we also work with various specialist installation crews across the UK, though we remain in complete control of the project. Due to the nature of our canvas structures there are many elements that are handmade, thus requiring both skill and an eye for detail. Our team of machinists are committed to quality and style, and are heavily involved in the development of projects that require their knowledge and expertise, particularly if a prototype is required. This is not the end of the journey though … at Bond we pride ourselves on the many lasting relationships we have with our clients. Bond do not insist on paid maintenance contracts but instead respond to each individual need as it arises. Many clients will go years without the need for a repair … but we are always here to respond. We manufacture here in the UK so we can turn repairs around very fast. e : e nqu i r i e s@bond f a b r i c a t i on s . c o . u k t : 0 1 4 5 3 76 7 1 7 1