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A creative and practical approach to design

Bespoke Designs Marquees Tents | Bond Fabrications Ltd

Need something special?

There are still those applications that have very specific and unique needs which require a bespoke solution. At Bond we pride ourselves on our creative and practical approach to designing the best solution.

  • If it is an unusual space which requires a more custom approach we will design a frame and covers to fit your space perfectly.
  • You may have a specific design or image you are looking to achieve which requires a more creative approach. With your ideas and our experience we will produce a structure to your own specifications including design features, colours and styles.
  • We can also make covers for existing wood or metal framed structures which you wish to enclose such as garden structures or shelters in a school.
  • We can also offer printed PVC covers using specialist print-receptive PVC to achieve a branded or themed structure if required.


Bespoke Designs Marquees Tents | Bond Fabrications Ltd
Bespoke Designs Marquees Tents | Bond Fabrications Ltd

Special Projects

PVC and canvas can be used to provide many different solutions to shelter or protection. We have the capabilities to create a custom sized cover for an existing frame or structure and indeed to have a frame designed to suit if necessary. From outdoor portable stage covers to industrial tents and the most unique covers.

Archaeological Dig Cover

This structure allowed the exposed ground area to be protected from the elements throughout the duration of the dig.

Other projects include a Bio-filter Cover requiring a suspended PVC ‘tent’ within a chemical factory and a ‘Heat Chamber’ commissioned by sports scientists for the British Olympic cycling team.

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