About Us​


BOND is a leading manufacturer of PVC based products in the UK. Operating from our Gloucestershire factory for over 30 years we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of products such as industrial PVC covers and custom applications, commercial PVC structures, worldwide supply of calibration hose and pre-liners to the No-Dig / Trenchless industry and the design and manufacture of marquees and tents to the hospitality industry.

Our Mission

With a core focus on producing high quality products using the best technical performance materials available to us, BOND is committed to expanding our knowledge, expertise and product offering. All our calibration hose and pre-liners for the Trenchless / NO-Dig industry are manufactured in house by our team of skilled operators. Working along side our customers we offer a practical and innovative approach to technical problems and supporting their research & development with our product range and technical capabilities.

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