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 The Unique New Tented Conservatory

Using our many years of experience in manufacturing larger structures, we have developed an innovative new product for domestic use. ConservaTent is a fun and flexible way to make better use of your house and garden. Part tent, part conservatory, ConservaTent combines many of the attributes of both. It can be erected on almost all surfaces including paving stones, concrete or grass. Fitting ideally over a door to the garden, it bolts easily to the house and has a watertight seal at the join.


ConservaTent adds usable year-round, semi-permanent or temporary living space ideal for entertaining, eating, playing or just sitting and relaxing. It is constructed to be suitable to leave in place in most locations throughout the year; if however you want to use it just from spring to autumn it can very easily be removed and stored away over winter. Being a tented structure it is light and easy to erect which means it can also be put up just for specific events or occasions.

The ConservaTent can be lined in a similar way to larger tents, and comes in two standard sizes and a variety of colours.

4m span ConservaTent with green roof and scalloped valance

ConservaTent employs the latest designs and ideas coming from the marquee contracting industry. Its robust extruded aluminium frame sections join together with plated steel fittings combining rigidity and durability with ease and speed of erection. The roof and walls are made from structurally reinforced PVC flame-retardant fabric designed to meet the highly demanding specifications of large tensioned fabric structures.

As is usual with much larger marquee structures the walls are fitted with flexible beading which slides into a slot in the aluminium frame. This makes for easy erection and a weatherproof fitting.

Sizes of ConservaTent

ConservaTent is made in two standard modular sizes of 3m or 4m span with a 1.5m or 2.0m bay length (see diagrams on back page). The standard design consists of its characteristic half hexagon end (‘Hex-end’) with one parallel-sided bay. Additional bays can be added to increase the length of your ConservaTent to fit your needs and the space available. For the floor areas of each design see ‘Technical Details’.

If your requirements do not fit one of our standard modular designs as described above then just contact us to discuss your specific needs and we may well be able to design a bespoke ConservaTent for you.

Positioning your ConservaTent

ConservaTent can be erected on almost all surfaces including paving stones, concrete or grass. ConservaTent can either adjoin your house - fitting ideally over a door to your garden, attach to a garden wall to make an attractive and stylish summer house, or stand alone as a feature on your lawn.


All an ‘attached’ ConservaTent needs is a place on your wall to fix the A-frame (see diagram) and a reasonably flat area of ground to erect the structure (some slope/unevenness can be accommodated due to ConservaTent’s adjustable feet). If the wall has sufficient clear area for the A-frame then any door from the house into the ConservaTent should automatically have room to open.

To create a stand-alone ConservaTent you need a clear area of ground slightly larger than the size of the floor area of the ConservaTent you have chosen. To create a stand-alone ConservaTent you can join two ‘Hex-ends’ to make a perfectly hexagonal structure, or with two ‘Hex-ends’ and a straight bay a longer ‘oval’ shape can be achieved.

3m span stand-alone ConservaTent with white roof and blue edged scalloped valance

As it generally counts as a ‘removable’ structure in most cases you will not need planning permission to erect a ConservaTent. If in any doubt however we would advise you to seek advice from your local planning authority.

Designing your ConservaTent

ConservaTent is modular and flexible. You can take a ‘standard’ ConservaTent and tailor it to your exact wishes and needs. The number of potential variations is enormous.

ConservaTent’s durable PVC fabric roof and wall panels can be white, coloured or striped. The roof can have a valance which is straight, scalloped or crenellated. It can have a plain edge or be edged in a colour of your choice - take your pick to create the exact effect you are seeking.


3m span ConservaTent with blue and white striped roof and scalloped valance

The walls incorporate our universally popular arched Georgian window or, if you wish for a particular window type (for example to match your house), it can be designed to your own specification.

Door openings can be provided in both plain and windowed walls. Plain opening walls split in the middle and then can be drawn and tied back like curtains on both sides of the chosen entrance. Opening window walls split on both sides of the window. They can then be drawn and tied back to either side of the opening as desired, rolled up and tied under the valance or simply undone and removed completely. Alternatively you may wish to fit a rigid door frame to your ConservaTent.

ConservaTent’s flexible modular design allows you to use it with the walls attached and closed, open (dependent on the panels used) or removed altogether. Thus in a few minutes you can convert the ConservaTent from a walled additional room in your house to an open-sided outside awning to keep the sun off you and your guests. The modular design also enables you to position the window panels, opening panels or solid panels to suit your requirements and to change them around at will.


ConservaTent is designed to be used on a patio area without any flooring and also may be used this way temporarily on grass. If however you want to make it more permanent or wish to put down a carpet you may like to put a floor into your ConservaTent. If you need further advice on this please contact us.

Lining your ConservaTent

Your ConservaTent is designed to look good in its unlined state and can be used entirely satisfactorily in this way. However if you want to create more of a formal or party atmosphere we offer a wide range of fabrics from which we produce marquee style gathered roof linings, valances, wall linings and leg covers.

The 'standard' lining is made in two-ounce ivory fabric and consists of a pleated roof lining, a plain valance and six leg covers. The gathered roof lining drapes gracefully from the apex to the eaves where it is finished in a valance (a plain band of fabric acting much like a curtain pelmet). A more decorative effect can be created by the ‘swagged’ valances which are fuller and gathered at the sides and mid-points of each wall.

Leg covers then hang down from behind the valance over the legs. In this way they create the effect of drawn back curtains on either side of the windows.

ConservaTent interior with gathered ivory lining, royal blue swagged valances and contrasting leg covers

Ivory is our most popular lining colour as it will co-ordinate with almost any colour of furnishings you may want to put in your ConservaTent. A very effective way of introducing additional colour to the lining is to select coloured valances and contrasting leg covers (which consist of gathered ivory strips hanging against wider bands of gathered material in your chosen colour). This creates a stunning effect and enables the lining to be tied in with the colour of your furniture, lampshades etc without being overpowering. If however you want a completely coloured lining we can use one of our coloured fabrics or, if you have a particular fabric you wish us to use, we can make it up into linings of the design of your choice.

Erecting your ConservaTent

ConservaTent is supplied with an A-frame that will attach to any wall capable of securely taking six 8mm rawlbolts (not provided). The wall needs to be reasonably perpendicular (most house walls will be entirely adequate unless very noticeably out of alignment). The walls should also be reasonably smooth – ConservaTent connecting frames come with a flexible rubber seal attached which will form a watertight join against most dressed stone, brick or smooth rendered walls. If your house is natural stone or rough rendered you may require additional sealing strip or sealant – in this case please contact us for further advice.

The feet of the ConservaTent are designed to be secured either by conventional 24 inch tent stakes (available if required) into grass or by 8mm rawlbolts (not provided) into concrete or paving stones. ConservaTent is designed to be lightweight and easy for you to erect. Our experience is that once the fixing holes have been drilled the tent can comfortably be erected and secured within three hours by one person (with two people being ideal, but not essential, to lift it onto its legs and to fit the walls).

Specification (Standard ConservaTents)
Span 3 m 4 m
Leg Length 2.2 m 2.2 m
Ridge Height 2.90 m 3.1 m
Length (‘hex’ + one bay) 2.80 m 3.73 m
Wall Length 1.5 m 2.0 m
Floor Area   ‘Hex-End’ 2.92 m² 5.20 m²
  ‘Bay’ 4.50 m² 8.00 m²
  Total 7.42 m² 13.20 m²
Weight (approximate) 130 kg 150 kg
Aluminium Section: 45mm x 57mm extrusion
Fittings: 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated steel section
Cover: 650gsm flame-retardant polyester based PVC coated fabric
Interior detail with Georgian window

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