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Bespoke Designs

In spite of the wide range and versatility of our standard tents and marquees there are still those applications that have very specific and unique needs which require a bespoke solution. At Bond we pride ourselves on our creative and practical approach to designing the best solution.

  • If it is an unusual space which requires a more custom approach we will design a frame and covers to fit your space perfectly. Site surveys may be necessary and where needed we will install the structure.
  • You may have a specific design or image you are looking to achieve which requires a more creative approach. With your ideas and our experience we will produce a structure to your own specifications including design features, colours and styles.
  • We can also make covers for existing wood or metal framed structures which you wish to enclose such as garden structures or shelters in a school.

We can produce all manner of PVC and/or canvas structures to suit a variety of applications. Many styles, colours and frame style choices mean that most ideas a client bring to us can be brought to fruition. Do call us to discuss your specific needs and ideas.